Women’s Club from Hańsk/ Klub Kobiet z Hańska

Hańsk Pierwszy

The Women’s Club from Hańsk are a group of women resident in a small village in the Lublin voivodship. Girls and ladies – aged 20 to 80, with higher education and without, working the land and with no ties to agriculture whatsoever – began meeting regularly at the local library. The purpose of these meetings was to help them “get out of home”, get to know one another, open up to each other, and do “something positive” together.

Over the previous year, the Club from Hańsk organised a series of meetings with female leaders – social activists and charity workers from the Lublin voivodship. Discussions focused on local herstories, the situation of women in rural areas, and issues common to Polish women. To quote the Club members, “We want to meet and spend time together”.

A regular FemFund grant will allow the Club from Hańsk to continue further self-empowerment. Planned activities will include i.a. Metamorphoses workshops the girls have been dreaming of for a long time, an integration field trip, dance workshops, and meetings with a psychologist. All activities will be organised to the purpose of self-empowerment, self-esteem boosting, opening up, and trying something new. The local library will also offer new books corresponding to fields focused on activities delivered.

Grant amount: PLN 8 800,00

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