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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the Fund and our grant programs. If there is no answer to your question, please write to us: kontakt@femfund.pl

About the FemFund

Who works for the Fund?

The Fund’s team consists of nine persons employed permanently. We are intersectional feminists who have been involved in promoting the rights of women and LGBTQIA people for years, we have different education and different skillsets, and we try complement each other :-). Justyna, Magda and Marta started working as a group of friends in March 2017. For more than a year, we were meeting informally, planning our future activities. The Fund was officially launched as a foundation in January 2018. You can read more about us and the persons who cooperate with us here.

Where does the Fund get the money?

We dream of a fully autonomous Fund, which is entirely maintained by a community of persons who share feminist values. If 7,000 people set their monthly deposit to PLN40, then our dream would become reality! This way, FemFund would become fully independent from grants. We believe that this is possible, and we invite you to co-create this Fund with us!
Currently, the Fund collects money mainly from two sources: 1) from institutions supporting non-governmental organizations (these are mainly private, foreign foundations) and 2) from individuals supporting us with one-time and monthly payments. We have established long-term cooperation with the following grant institutions: Sigrid Rausing Trust, Mama Cash, Oak Foundation, Global Fund for Women, Open Society Foundations, Fenomenal Funds and filia die fraunestiftung. In addition, we have been or are supported by: Channel Foundation, Equality Fund, FundAction, Guerrilla Foundation, Global Fund for Community Foundations, and a Polish institution: Stefan Batory Foundation.
What is more, approx. 200 people contribute to the FemFund account on a regular basis every month. Thank you for being with us! Thanks to you, we can act in a way that is consistent with our values! Do you want to be a part of FemFund and chip in for feminist good? Find out how to do it here.
We are also grateful to Anita and Zbigniew Rekusz for funding one MiniGrant <3 each year, as well as to Balagan for sharing its profits with us in solidarity.

How can I support the Fund?

The biggest support you can give us is setting a monthly donation to the Fund. Thanks to constant aid, we can plan our expenses in the long run, and we know how much we can donate to direct support for girls, women and non-binary, queer, trans, or intersex persons. You can donate at femfund.pl/en/support. We also greatly appreciate your support in social media – sharing information, showing support, and constructive comments :-). Both money and good words are a visible sign of trust and a signal that what we do is OK.

What does the Fund spend its money on?

The Fund provides money for activities supporting particular girls, women, non-binary, queer, and transgender persons living in Poland. So far, the Fund has funded 214 grants for the total amount of 2 741 122 PLN, addressed to, among others: pensioners, teenagers, refugees, migrant women, women living in the countryside, tenants, girls and women with disabilities, lesbians, non-binary persons, queer and trans persons, women who are incarcerated and in detention, sex workers. The activities supported financially by the Fund take place in all voivodeships of Poland. We also provide non-financial support to feminist initiatives: we organize workshops and meetings where our community members (grant recipients, donors) can get to know each other and exchange experience. In addition, we spend money on our daily functioning and work: we pay rent, the salaries of our permanent team and collaborators, accounting and IT services, our travel, promotional and fundraising activities, telephone bills, Internet access, and office supplies. We also invest in strengthening our skills, knowledge, and contacts – we are developing so that the Fund is a stable and strong institution that can constantly support women and persons.

What was the financial situation of the Fund in 2021?

In 2021, the Feminist Fund spent PLN 1,156,720.23 on its activities. 49% of our expenditures was grants, which were donated to informal groups and feminist organizations, and we conducted Grantee Meetings. You can read about the activities of Grantee Partners supported by the Fund at femfund.pl/en/who-we-support/

We spent 4% of the budget on fundraising and communication costs, including building a feminist community and creating educational content.

The salaries of the eight-member team of the Feminist Fund accounted for 35% of expenditure. We allocated the remaining part of the budget to the development of the organization (including the purchase of the necessary equipment, a regenerative and strategic trip) and current administrative expenses (including office maintenance costs, accounting services, IT support).

FemFund undergoes an annual financial audit, i.e. an independent examination of the organization. This study is based on generally accepted standards and legal regulations, but also verifies the internal standards of the organization. Here (pdf file 714 KB, opens in a new tab, in Polish) you can see the financial statement of the Feminist Fund for 2021, which has been audited.

About Minigrants

Who can apply for a MiniGrant?

The following may apply for a MiniGrant:
a) NGOs (e.g. associations and foundations),
b) informal groups using the legal personality of friendly NGOs,
c) informal groups submitting the application themselves.

Can we apply for a MiniGrant?

We invite you to submit your idea if your group/organization meets a total of four conditions:
1. you feel part of the feminist movement;
2. you promote the rights of women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex, transgender persons;
3. the organizations is run by women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex, or transgender persons;
4. it acts for persons living in Poland.

We are a group that lives and works abroad. Can we apply for a MiniGrant?

The Fund supports feminist activism in Poland, which is why MiniGrants can be used by groups and organizations operating abroad only if the proposed activities respond to the needs of women and persons living in Poland (e.g. border activities, solidarity activities).We do not finance activities aimed exclusively at Polish women living abroad.

What is the amount of the MiniGrant?

The amount of the MiniGrant is PLN 4,900. You can also apply for smaller amounts.

What is the schedule for this edition of MiniGrants?

The application period for this year had finished. We invite you to apply next year in January 2023.

Here is the schedule of the previous edition of MiniGrants: From 10 January to 31 January 2022 at 1: 00 p.m., the applications for feminist activities are accepted. On 28 February at the latest, we are going to inform you which groups and organizations are moving to the second stage, i.e. the process of selection of applications by the participants of the 5th edition. This process takes place until 21 March at 12:00 p.m. No later than on April 12, the Feminist Fund will announce the results of the 5th edition of the MiniGrants! A minimum of 20 groups/organizations will receive support.

About Feminist Emergency Grants

What initiatives does the Feminist Emergency Service support?

Feminist Emergency Service supports urgent feminist initiatives. In our understanding, action is urgent if:
1. results from a new, unexpected situation (it may be a threat, e.g. war, as well as an unexpected chance to act),
2. requires acting quickly, in a short time, to bring about an important feminist change (e.g. regarding the situation of a specific collective/organization, a group of people experiencing some form of oppression, e.g. refugees, the entire society).

When can we apply to the Feminist Emergency Service?

You can apply on an ongoing basis, throughout the year – for each quarter we allocate a certain amount of money to be used and give out grants until the funds are exhausted. So, you can apply when you need to, as long as the funds are still available. If the pool of funds for a given quarter runs out, you will find such information on the Feminist Emergency Service website: femfund.pl/pogotowie, and the form will be inactive (Polish version).

What are the conditions for applying for the support of the Feminist Emergency Service?

You can benefit from the support of the Feminist Emergency Service if your group/organization meets a total of four conditions:
1. you feel part of the feminist movement;
2. you promote the rights of women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex, transgender persons;
3. the organizations is run by women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex, or transgender persons;
4. it acts for persons living in Poland.