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About Us

Since 2018, the Feminist Fund has been continuously supporting activities conducted by women, girls and non-binary, trans, queer, and intersex persons from all over Poland. We contribute financially to initiatives that change the world so that each of us can decide for themself, be free and safe!

So far, over 260 groups and organizations have benefited from our support, to which we have transferred a total amount of nearly PLN 4 milion. Thanks to our grant programs, you can receive money for the implementation of feminist initiatives, for sudden and urgent situations, as well as for the stable development of your organization.

It is the persons participating in the call for grants who mainly decide who receives the money from the Fund. We trust women’s, girls’, and feminist groups because they know best what action is needed.

From FemFund’s founding until 2023, we were supported by the Advisory Body. With its help, we made strategic decisions on grantmaking. It also patricipated in laying the foundation of our activities. Here you can learn more about the people who supported us.

Ania Deryło

At FemFund I deal with social media and daily communication with our community. I completed my master’s degree in Cultural Encounters & Communication in Denmark, and before that I studied Polish philology with anthropological and cultural specialization at the Jagiellonian University. In my spare time, I like to bake sourdough bread and cook vegan food for others. I dream of someday, in the distant future, creating a place where cooking and eating together will be a space of activism and dialogue. I come from Ostróda, I live in Copenhagen.

Gosia Dymowska

At FemFund I work in the grant program, I deal primarily with MiniGrants and relations with Grantees. I’ve been involved with the third sector my entire professional life. I worked, among others, as anti-discrimination and social skills trainer, project coordinator, organization manager, and animator. Working at FemFund is a return to my feminist commitment, from which I started my activist and professional journey, and a possibility of bringing to life the values that are important to me. I’m a founding member of the Anti-Discrimination Education Society. I’m a seasonal, sometimes-practicing outdoor movementist. In the summer I swim on SUP, in the winter I watch TV shows. I believe in the power of immersion in icy water. I live in Warsaw with my cat Helena, I come from Legionowo.

Gosia Leszko

At FemFund I deal with grants, especially Feminist Emergency Service and longer cooperation with groups after the implementation of the MiniGrant. On a daily basis, I make sure that the money for feminism goes to the right place quickly and efficiently, and besides, I develop relations with the Grantees, which means I talk a lot on the phone. I am also a member of the FemFund’s Board. My heart is halfway between activism and education – for many years I worked as an anti-discrimination trainer and dealt with education for diversity and equality, among others, at the Polin Museum and the Center for Civic Education. For pleasure, I ride a bicycle, play the trumpet, and fantasize about the end of the patriarchy. I am from Osiedle Przyjaźń in Warsaw.

Ilia Makówka

At FemFund I deal with financial coordination and strategy – from creating Excel files and analyzing documents to making life easier for the team through improvements. I work in feminist funding out of curiosity and passion to understand difficult things. I’m an activist, an ex-politician, a financial educator. I worked as a risk analyst and financial crime specialist, I’m a political scientist by training. I identify myself as a non-binary pansexual. In my spare time, I read books in a hammock and cook extravagant vegan dishes. Most of my life I have lived in Katowice, I am a Silesian by heart and by choice. I live with Węgiel (Coal), who is the cat of my life.

Justyna Frydrych

At FemFund I work in the grant team, where I deal with planning grant programs, participatory decision-making models, and relations with Grantees – especially as part of Power Grants and Feminist Emergency Grants. I am also a co-founder of the Fund and a member of the Board. I am a political scientist by education, I also studied Gender Studies and Nonviolence Agreement postgraduate. I worked, among others, at Batory Foundation, Ocalenie Foundation, Center for Civic Education. I gained my activist experience in the Women’s Agreement of 8 March, co-organizing Manifa in Warsaw, as well as in collectives acting for refugees. From time to time, I work as an anti-discrimination trainer, author of materials on gender equality in education, as well as an educator and animator of nature. I spend my free time in the woods, on a bike, or with a book. I’m from Krosno.

Magda Pocheć

I am the originator, author of the concept, co-founder, and Board member of the Fund. At FemFund, I deal, among other things, with strategic partnership building and transnational cooperation, as well as caring for the development and financial security of FemFund. I am an cross-cultural psychologist, involved in the development of participatory and progressive philanthropy in Poland (FemFund), in Europe (FundAction) and in the world (Fenomenal Funds). In my free time, I regenerate, practice slow jogging, vegan cooking and draw strength from contact with nature. I was born in Baghdad, raised in the suburbs of Warsaw, I have lived in Muranów in Warsaw for years.

Magda Wróbel

At FemFund I am responsible for administration. I make sure the documents are correct and I take care of mundane matters so they quickly disappear from the team’s task lists. My entire professional life has been related to project management in business. At FemFund I fulfill my dream of working in the third sector for the issues that are most important to me. Privately, I take care of my human-dog-cat herd and plant vegetables. I came from Sosnowiec, I live near my beloved Warsaw.

Marta Rawłuszko

I am a co-founder and Board member of the Fund. At FemFund, I primarily deal with evaluation and management work. I am a sociologist and social researcher; I work and lecture at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw. I am lesbian. I live in Warsaw, sometimes in Kraków, I take care of my dog Hańcza – walking together takes up a large part of my free time. I come from Bydgoszcz.

Marta Henzler

Councelling supervisor, trainer and social animator, working every day in BORIS Association, also a member of NGO Trainers Association. Since 2004, working in capacity building for institions and organizations, informal groups, neighborhood’s communities and partnerships, supporting them in creating educational spaces which teach, empower and build relationships. Likes people and life.

Aneta Kluszczyńska

Part of the non-governmental organisation community for many years, with a primary focus on financial settlement of EU, EEA and American funding. Not too fond of sharing private information… opting to remain slightly mysterious.

Aleksandra Muzińska

LGBT+ activist, board member and deputy chairperson of the Love Does Not Exclude (Miłość Nie Wyklucza) Association in the years 2016-2018. Committed to financial management at non-governmental organisations and social entrepreneurship development for over 9 years.