Women’s Circle in the Active Barn / Kobiecy krąg w aktywnej stodole


For women who take care of persons with disabilities

The women’s circle is made up of three women from Głogów, who work as therapists and pedagogues with children with disabilities. Kasia does massages, Agata – horse and dog assisted therapy, and Asia gives classes in an inclusive kindergarten. In their work they notice how much caregivers of persons with disabilities – mostly women, mothers – need to rest form everyday stress and around-the-clock care. “When we were carrying out therapeutic workshops for children in the countryside, we organized massages for mothers. We noticed how great their need for respite was.” That was when the idea for the activity was born.

Trzy uśmiechnięte kobiety na tle murowanego budynku stodoły z drewnianymi drzwiami


Relaxational meetings in the Active Barn

Thanks to the minigrant, the group will organize 2 or 3 meetings for moms of children with disabilities in Bieńków. Their actions will mostly be dedicated to women who live in villages, who usually have no access to such services. The time will be spent together on massages, horseback riding, open air physical exercise, consultations, and meditation.

Kasia, Ania and Agata hope to create a space which will enable women not only to rest, but to focus on themselves, to renew their contact with their bodies and their inner voice. They also want to fight the feeling of exclusion. “We see that the mothers of the children we work with feel alienated. We want them to find support in one another”, they say.


Grant amount: PLN 4,400

Photo credit: Piotr Wrona


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