Familja (Family) – Space for Women/ Familja – przestrzeń dla Kobiet


Obstetricians supporting mothers

Two obstetricians, a birth companion and a dietician. Four women residing on the outskirts of the Kashubian region. “Our main task and purpose is to support the idea of sisterhood and the assistance women can give one another. (…) We would like to create a space for women – a safe and friendly place where they could find people to spend time and share thoughts with”, they declared several months ago. In Przechlewo where they live initiatives to empower women, and especially new mothers, are missing. They aim at filling this gap.

Conversations about motherhood in a small circle

The group wants to support new mothers who as they note are frequently excluded from professional (reasons including inflexible labour law and shortage of nursery care) and social life (difficult early days of motherhood, sense of loneliness, shortage of mother and child-friendly infrastructure).

Over a term of six weeks, the mothers of Przechlewo attended close-circle workshops delivered by a psychologist, with a focus on working with stress and difficult emotions, assertiveness, and working to improve self-esteem. Concept authors themselves declared they wished participants to “feel less lonely during the first months after birth”, and benefit from the support of other women with similar experiences. Women’s circles might have an outstanding and healing power. The workshops were attended by 21 new mothers.


Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00


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