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Normal abortion communication

The Abortion Dream Team was formed in October 2016, when the girls organised the first meeting with a focus on home abortion. The idea behind forming the group originated from a belief that knowledge of pharmacological abortion is generally poor, and impacted by multiple and harmful myth. Their knowledge was extensive – and they decided to share it. They intend to promote an abortion-related narrative different to that prevalent in the pro-choice movement, believing that communicating about abortion as a universal experience, in an environment free of stigmatisation, fear or taboo is hugely meaningful, of major importance to the process of changing the overall circumstances tying in with abortion, legislation included.

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They disseminate knowledge of pharmacological termination methods, promoting a positive and fact-based abortion-related narrative. They organise meetings and workshops, manage a popular Facebook fanpage and offer information. “We want to do away with the belief that abortion is not to be spoken of. We want as many people as possible to be provided with reliable information on termination options; we want them to feel safer and less lonely,” Team members declare.

Abortion DIY – a practical handbook

The Abortion Dream Team used the mini-grant to design a handbook containing information on how to organise a termination if unavailable at a Polish hospital. The handbook contains extensive information on pharmacological (home) termination and on abortion options open at German or Dutch clinics.

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The following organisations were invited to co-create the publication: Women Online (Kobiety w Sieci), Women Help Women, Aunty Basia (Ciocia Basia), and the Abortion Network Amsterdam. The handbook is written with the use of simple, easily comprehensible, user-friendly vocabulary, and based on the experience of all aforementioned groups, research results, and reliable medical knowledge. It contains i.a. guidelines on how to prepare for at-home pharmacological termination, as well as how to support other persons in need of or going through abortion. The publication is distributed at assorted events, and can be downloaded from the Web HERE.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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