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Alliance for Black Justice in Poland

Warsaw and others

Feminist EmPOWERment Grant:
Support for Black and Brown persons fleeing the war in Ukraine.

“We have a group of decision makers, consisting of persons with the experience of living in black/dark skin.”

About the Group

Alliance for Black Justice in Poland is a coalition of organizations, groups, and persons whose aim is to support Black people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The motivation to form the coalition were reports of racist episodes at the border and discrimination due to skin color experienced by refugees seeking help in Poland. They were denied transport and shelter, detained at the border, and it was also more difficult for them to get help from the so-called ordinary people. In order to support refugees of African and Asian origin, an informal aid coalition was established.
The coalition consists of the Black is Polish collective, the Multi-Ethnic Families’ Association “Family Voices”, New Vision, the Foundation for Social Diversity (FRS).

“We know about cases of trauma during evacuation, but we do not have the structural tools and resources to provide psychological and psychiatric support, and we would like to provide that assistance.”


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About the action

The coalition provides two types of support. Firstly, it provides humanitarian and emergency aid, which is particularly important during the first weeks of the war, especially transport and emergency accommodation.
In addition to crisis interventions, the coalition also deals with long-term, comprehensive support. Its aim is to respond to the needs related to the functioning of refugees in a new country, language, as well as a new formal and legal reality. The support offered by the group will include psychological and psychiatric assistance, consultations related to submitting applications for temporary residence, continuing studies started in Ukraine, finding a place on the labor market in Poland, etc.
Alliance for Black Justice in Poland is in constant contact with the Border group, embassies, and consulates, supporting refugees, mediating in contact between them and institutions (offices, universities). Through its activities, the coalition also raises public awareness of racism and discrimination against Black people in Poland.

Grant amount: PLN 80,000
Photo Own material of the group