The Informal Group Pomo(rz/ż)e Initiative / Nieformalna Inicjatywa Pomorz/że


The group consists of six women of different ages. They come from small towns, they live in small communities, often overlooked by activists. They feel the need to say what they think, even if it is a social taboo or a sensitive topic. As they admit, they want to share their experience and enthusiasm and thus “disenchant” topics that are considered difficult in their small communities: “It started with coffee and endless conversations, after all, similar problems bring people together (…) Solidarity and sisterhood make us rely on dialogue and act together”.

Działaczki prezentują bristol z osiągnięciami i planami grupy na zjeździe grantobiorczyń Funduszu Feministycznego w Osiecku.

“We talk openly about things that are not spoken of”

They want to support women and persons particularly vulnerable to discrimination and exclusion, i.e. independent mothers, carers of persons with disabilities, survivors of gender-based violence. Using the funds from the mini-grant, they want to conduct a series of meetings, incl. ones with a sexologist, feminist, social activist. Meetings on the subject of women’s rights will be held in six small towns in the Pomorskie region.

By touching on seemingly obvious topics, we want to raise the social awareness of the meeting participants, build their self-confidence and interest them in topics related to feminism”, declare the members of the group. After each meeting, in each town hosting the Pomo(rz/ż)e Initiative, an information board is left, with telephone numbers of the helpline and help points for women (e.g. Abortion Without Borders, Women’s Rights Center, Hotline for Adults in Emotional Crisis).

Działaczka przy tworzeniu prezentacji z osiągnięciami i planami grupy.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00 PLN

Photos: The Informal Group Pomo(rz/ż)e Initiative
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