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The women of Dobrzyca founded the Association because they wanted to do something for each other. They are full of willingness and passion to act for the benefit of women and their local community. And there are many of them, nearly 50! The first year of their activity was special – they started with sewing protective masks, and then decided to get to know each other better and do something for themselves. They organized, among others, self-defense classes and joint integration trips. They want women in danger of discrimination on the basis of sex, age, or place of origin to be able to fully participate in society. “We want to support each other and feel good in each other’s company”.

Grupowy występ muzyczny, główna bohaterka przebrana za Marylę Rodowicz gra na gitarze, reszta śpiewa i macha kwiatami.

Feminists from Dobrzyca in the forest amphitheater

Using the funds from the mini-grant, Dobrzyczanki stood on the stage of the forest amphitheater in Dobrzyca with their feminist play. This artistic debut gave joy to the numerous residents, but also was food for thought.

Plakat promujący premierowy spektakl „Wróżka prawdę ci powie”

Their idea was born out of the willingness and passion of the members of the Association, who wanted to make their childhood dreams come true and use their skills. “We want the young generation to believe in the strength of women and grow with the conviction that their place is where they want, and not where someone points them”, declared Dobrzyczanki. With their message, they wanted to overthrow the traditional model of upbringing in the patriarchy: “we prove that girls can also be brave, and that boys’ sensitivity is not a reason to be ashamed”.

Cała grupa artystek ustawiła się do zdjęcia.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Image credit: Rural Women Association “Dobrzyczanki – Cuda Wianki”
Photos: Rural Women Association “Dobrzyczanki – Cuda Wianki”
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