Informal No-Name Group


Sparks flew during a workshop, and we followed the call

The group was formed on initiative of three women from Barlinek, who met during a workshop and the screening of “Killing Us Softly 3”, an educational film showing the image of women in advertising. Group members include Elżbieta Smoczyk (librarian and literature aficionado), Marta Grygier (culture animator), and Joanna Wachowska (teacher and social probation officer). They want to work together to support girls from Barlinek in self-development. “We want to foster self-esteem, skills to defend own physical and mental boundaries, group co-operation and solidarity, and Nonviolent Communication. We also intend to prove that feminism is not the ogre it is made out to be.”

Trzy osoby trzymają kartki o treści: bezprzemocy, beznazwy, bezstereotypów, femfund

Girl power!

Thanks to a mini-grant, the group from Barlinek will organise a series of empowering workshops for girls aged 15-19. WenDo self-defence and assertiveness workshops will be organised to let girls practice skills of responding in violence situations. In the course of a workshop delivered on the basis of “Killing Us Softly 3”, teenage girls will observe how the media form and shape female images and how that translates into daily life. During final workshop sessions, participants will make their own t-shirts with empowering designs and slogans. Activities are to target pupils of the Training and Education Centre in Barlinek, and members of the Wiatrak Community Theatre. “We want to give these girls what we ourselves were not given at their age. We want them to be able to believe in themselves earlier than we did, we want them to have faith in their strength, their power, and especially their ability to change the world.”

Grant amount: 4250.00 PLN

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