Informal Group ‘Threefold’ / Grupa Nieformalna Trzykrotność


Ela, Olga and Magda have known each other for several years. Each of them walked her own path as an ally of minority groups, but they became friends while conducting classes for children at the center for foreigners in Targówek in Warsaw. There, they noticed a lack of offer for adult residents of the center (people under refugee procedure), adapted to their needs. “The few cultural initiatives funded by the city that engage refugee women strongly emphasize this aspect of their identity, giving them no space to leave this role, to simply be a woman”, notes Threefold. The girls created their own proposal and organized two cycles of workshops and outings for the center’s residents. Now they want to continue those actions.


Wielobarwna mozaika przedstawiająca czerwone serce oraz półksiężyc z gwiazdką


Going to the cinema with friends

As part of the minigrant, Threefold will conduct a series of art therapy and relaxation workshops as well as cultural outings for the residents of the Warsaw center for foreigners. “We want these outings to give women a possibility to experience culture, and to have the ease of socializing with friends. The connecting and empowering factor are what matters to us”. The minigrant from the Feminist Fund will also be used to pay the translator of the Russian language during meetings.

Triple sisterhood

Where did the group’s name come from? “The three of us have been active together for several years, this is our third projects, and the value of unpaid care work performed daily by women around the world is three times the value of the global technology industry. (…) This data is shocking and that is why we want to work with women from marginalized groups. We believe in sisterhood that can go beyond cultural, religious and economic differences”, state Ela, Olga and Magda.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400

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