Academy of the Young Deaf/ Akademia Młodych Głuchych


Feminist Section

The group comprises several young deaf women. In their daily life, they work to support young people with hearing impairments, organising educational, cultural, and integration activities. They focus on empowering deaf youth, and on improving labour market, education, and culture accessibility. They want to focus on self-development and on expanding their own knowledge (women’s rights included) as well.

On women’s rights and feminism

They felt that their colleagues were missing greater women’s rights awareness. The girls used a Feminist Fund mini-grant to deliver a campaign addressing the deaf community. They shot 29 films, each individual production with a different thematic focus: preventing violence, women on the labour market, abortion access, etc. Their films also explore feminism and social-and-cultural gender myths. Video materials apart, they organised a networking meeting titled “I Know and Want to Know More”, with a focus on all aforementioned themes. And as the Polish sign language did not include the word “feminism” – they coined and designed it themselves!

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Photos: Academy of the Young Deaf  tel. 736 060 436

KRS: 0000714824      NIP: 5272834934


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