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Support women and girls in Poland by donating to our Fund!

Your one-time and regular payments alike make it possible for the Feminist Fund to be both effective and efficient. Your money translates into successive mini-grants supporting feminist activism in Poland, and the Fund’s long-term stability as an institution.

Join us by making a one-time donation, or set up a regular bank transfer option. Each payment counts! Your regular support will help us develop the Fund, whatever the political situation in Poland or worldwide.


Our bank account and bank account transfer data is as follows:

Fundusz Feministyczny (Feminist Fund)

Address: Smocza 1/3, 01-012 Warszawa


Vistula Bank Spółdzielczy 

Bank address: Rebowska 2, 09-450 Wyszogrod


79 9011 0005 3030 0080 2000 0018

Please list “Donation for statutory purposes” as the title.


Thank you for your support! 
tel. 736 060 436

KRS: 0000714824      NIP: 5272834934


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