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Feminist Fund Statutes

Section I. General Provisions

§ 1

  1. The Feminist Fund, hereinafter referred to as “the Fund”, shall operate pursuant to the Foundations
    Law and stipulations of these Statutes.
  2. The Fund was founded by Magdalena Pocheć, Marta Rawłuszko, and Justyna Frydrych, hereinafter
    referred to as “the Founders”, by virtue of a notarial deed drafted by Notary Agata Banasik,
    Kancelaria Notarialna (Notary Office) Agata Banasik, with its registered address at Pl. Zbawiciela 5
    app. 8 in Warsaw, as of November 20th 2017.

§ 2

  1. The Capital City of Warsaw shall be recognised as the registered seat of the Fund.
  2. The Fund shall be established for an interminable period.

§ 3

  1. The Fund shall operate throughout the territory of the Republic of Poland; notwithstanding the
    above, within a scope indispensable to the due and proper implementation of its objectives, the Fund
    may also operate beyond the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  2. The Fund shall be entitled to use translations of its name into foreign languages for purposes of co-
    operating with foreign partners.

§ 4

  1. The Fund shall be recognised as a legal entity.
  2. The Fund shall be supervised by the minister competent for labour, social insurance and family


Section II. Objectives and Rules of Fund Operations


Fund objectives shall comprise the following:

    1. fostering the feminist movement in Poland,

    2. developing feminist philanthropy,

    3. acting to support women and social justice in all fields of life, in the private and public domain,

    4. acting to eliminate root causes of inequality and oppression,

    5. educational activities that raise awareness of exclusion and discrimination mechanisms, empower women and other marginalized groups,

    6. supporting feminist initiatives, including marginalised groups and the intersectional perspective,

    7. supporting initiatives involving participative decision-making methods and belonging to local communities,

    8. supporting non-governmental organisations acting to foster women’s rights,

    9. supporting actions that foster feminist solidarity regionally and internationally,

    10. building the community of allies and individual donors,
    11. preventing inequality and human rights violations through development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Poland and abroad,

    12. preventing discrimination, specifically gender-, sexual orientation- and gender identity-based,
      as well as discrimination based on other grounds, in all fields of life, in the private and public

    13. supporting women as political entities actively participating in democratic and public

    14. supporting democratic processes and the development of civic society open to diversity.


  1. The Fund’s objectives shall be realised via the following, in particular:
    1. awarding grants,

    2. providing financial, in-kind, and substantive assistance to private individuals, institutions, and other organisations,

    3. organising and moderating concerts and other artistic events,

    4. engaging in non-profit research activity,

    5. engaging in non-profit organisation and delivery of trainings and teaching courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, and other forms of education,

    6. engaging in non-profit delivery of publishing-related and information-and-promotional activities,

    7. developing positions, outlooks, recommendations, and expert opinions linked with objectives of the Fund,

    8. co-operating with non-governmental organisations, private individuals, public and private entities, both domestic and foreign, within the scope of implementing all objectives as duly listed in Fund Statutes.

2. The Fund shall have the right to engage in free of charge and/or fee-based activities benefitting the general public within the full scope of objectives and forms of their realisation.


Section III. Assets and Income of the Fund

§ 7

Assets of the Fund shall comprise the initial fund of PLN 1,000 (say one thousand Polish zlotys), as
well as other property acquired by the Fund in the course of its activities.

§ 8

  1. Income of the Fund shall comprise the following:
    1. grants and subsidies from legal entities, domestic and foreign,

    2. donations, inheritance, and bequests by private individuals, from domestic and foreign sources,

    3. banking interest and deposits,

    4. public fundraisers revenues,

    5. assets of the Fund,

    6. paid activities.

2. The Fund shall have the right to raise assets in Polish currency (PLN) and in foreign currencies, in individual banking institutions.

3. The Fund shall not engage in business operations.

4. All revenue generated by the Fund shall be allocated to statute purposes in its entirety.

§ 9

The Fund shall be accountable for its obligations up to the full value of its assets.


Section IV. Fund Authorities

§ 10

Fund authorities shall comprise the Board of the Fund (hereinafter referred to as “the Board”) and the Audit Committee

§ 11

  1. The Board shall manage activities of the Fund, and represent it in external relations.
  2. The Board shall have a membership of 3 – 5 individuals appointed for a five-year term.
  3. Board members may remain in office for a period extending beyond a single term.
  4. The original Board of the Fund shall comprise its Founders. Successive members shall be elected
    by the Board by virtue of a resolution with a simple majority of votes, with all Board members
  5. Board members may be employed by the Fund.
  6. Board membership shall terminate upon a Board member’s written resignation or death.

§ 12

  1. Fund Board tasks shall include the following, in particular:
    1. defining main directions of Fund activities,

    2. managing day-to-day activities of the Fund,

    3. delivering objectives as stipulated herein,

    4. designing action plans and the related budget,

    5. representing the Fund on the outside,

    6. employing individuals and specifying their remuneration,

    7. drafting reports from Fund activities,

    8. receiving donations, inheritance, bequests, subsidies, and grants,

    9. deciding as to amendments to Fund Statutes,

    10. deciding as to potential mergers with other foundations,

    11. deciding as to Fund liquidation and the allocation of its assets.

2. The Board of the Fund shall be obliged to draft annual Fund Operational Reports each year.

3. The Board of the Fund shall be responsible for delivering the objectives of the Fund as duly
stipulated in its Statutes.

§ 13

  1. Board meetings shall be held as required, yet no less frequently than once annually.
  2. Board meetings shall be convened by a Board member by notification of the planned Board meeting date in advance.
  3. Board meetings shall be recognised as valid provided that all Board members are duly notified of the venue, date, and agenda of the respective meeting.
  4. The Board shall pass decisions by virtue of resolving with a simple majority of votes, with all Board members present.

§ 14

Two Board members acting jointly shall be authorised to make statements of will and assume financial obligations on behalf of the Fund.

§ 15

  1. The Audit Committee is the internal control body of the Fund. The Committee also has the power of giving opinions. The competences of the Commission include:
    a. reviewing and approval of the annual report on the activities of the Fund,
    b. controlling the activities of the Fund,
    c. expressing opinions on matters submitted by the Board, as well as on its own initiative.
  2. The Audit Committee consists of 3 members and is elected for a joint term of five years.
  3. Members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the Founders of the Foundation, appointing the chair of the Committee
  4. The function of a member of the Audit Committee may be performed for more than one term.
  5. The Audit Committee meets at least once a year.
  6. A meeting of the Audit Committee is convened by the chair of the Committee on their own initiative, or at the request of another member of the Committee, or at the request of the Fund Board.
  7. The meeting of the Audit Committee is valid if all members have been duly notified of the place, date, and agenda of the meeting.
  8. The Audit Committee makes decisions in the form of resolutions by a simple majority of votes in the presence of all members.
  9. Members of the Audit Committee may not be members of the Board of the Fund, or be subordinate to the members of the Board on account of employment, marriage, cohabitation, or in a relationship of kinship or affinity in a straight line, kinship or affinity up to the second degree, or be bound by adoption, guardianship or wardship.
  10. Persons convicted by a final judgment for an offense committed willfully, prosecuted by public indictment, or for a tax offense, may not be appointed or perform functions in the Audit Committee.
  11. Members of the Audit Committee do not receive remuneration for performing their functions.


Section. V. Final Provisions

§ 16

  1. The Fund shall be liquidated once all objectives it had been established to the purpose of have been delivered, or once its financial and other assets have been fully disbursed.
  2. The Board of the Fund shall decide as to the Fund’s liquidation.
  3. Any financial and other assets remaining upon Fund liquidation may be allocated to other organisations with similar objectives and engaging in activity within the territory of the Republic of Poland, by virtue of a resolution passed by the Board.


Justyna Frydych, Magdalena Pocheć, Marta Rawłuszko