Women’s Rights Centre – Gdańsk Chapter


Twenty-three years on women’s side

The Women’s Rights Centre (CPK) has been supporting women experiencing assorted forms of violence (physical, mental, sexual, economic) since 1995. CPK branches operate in four cities: Gdańsk, Łódź, Warsaw, and Wrocław. “We want women to be able to resolve their legal situation, and reclaim their dignity, sense of security, self-confidence, and financial independence. CPK is daily approached by over ten women who experience violence or other taxing personal circumstances.”

zdjęcie grupowe na tle miasta

Self-help is our strength

With the aid of a mini-grant, the Gdańsk CPK branch will open a support group for women with lived experience of violence. “Women with such experience often spend years fuelling their energy into survival. They merge the roles of daughters, wives, mothers and employees while silently accepting the violence affecting them. When in a group, they can experience joy and motivation from developing mutual relations and social exchange: they are provided with an opportunity to feel understood and accepted while offering their own empathy and attention. This bolsters their motivation, self-confidence, persistence in commitment to fighting for the right to dignified life, self-fulfilment, and independence.” Mini-grant funds will also cover supervision expenses for the CPK team. Supervision comprises “meetings moderated by a more experienced specialist to support assistants. CPK volunteers’ daily encounters with violence are difficult, requiring sensitivity and empathy in responding.” This is a major emotional burden. Supervision is indispensable, as it allows assistants to nurture their own sense of safety and comfort.

Grant amount: 4400.00 PLN

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