When a mother is born / Kiedy rodzi się matka

Stara Wieś

“We are different, but each one of us has faced stereotypes and judgement”

The group is created by women joined by the experience of motherhood. The team’s core are about a dozen women, but the virtual community has about 400 members who regularly meet in groups of various sizes. Each one of them gave birth in a different way, under different conditions and circumstances, yet they have all struggled with changes in their bodies, minds, and relationships after giving birth. They organized a grassroots movement, looking for persons with similar experiences in order to support each other. “We often had to face stereotypes that permeate the society, unfair judgement, lack of understanding and help. Too often the contacting persons who were supposed to help us left us even more damaged”, they say. They create a circle of mothers who give each other empathy, share experiences, and provide an escape from everyday problems.


Kolaż zdjęć kilku uśmiechniętych kobiet, niektóre są z dziećmi

The girls want all mothers to be aware of their rights and feel like rightful citizens. They don’t want them to be vulnerable to exclusion due to their gender and performing the role of a mother. “It was here where we received understanding and empowerment we needed – and we want others to experience it, too”, emphasizes the group.

Workshops the support mothers

Using the minigrant, the group will organize regular meetings about postpartum rehabilitation, both physical and mental. The girls want women to know that they can regain physical and sexual fitness at their own pace and want them to have the tools to deal with the emotions associated with early motherhood, often after childbirth trauma. They will also hold a series of circles which will enable mothers to support each other by creating bonds.


Grant amount: PLN 4,340

Photo credit: Dobromiła, Joanna, Karolina, Dominika, Ola



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