The Wild Good / Dzikie Dobro


The Wild Good – Social Aid Centre initiative is made up of 5 women. All of them independently participated in equality and pro-women initiatives, and for six months they have been working together. Although they deal with various social problems, they are especially concerned with menstrual poverty, which is accompanied by shame and social taboos.

“Podkarpacie is a blank spot when it comes to activities for women”

The Kulczyk Foundation research shows that 4% of Polish women do not have the money to buy hygiene products. The lack of access to hygiene products makes it difficult for many people to access activity and deprives them of their right to a dignified and comfortable period. Despite nationwide initiatives, such as Różowa Skrzyneczka or Akcja Menstruacja, the members of the group believe that Podkarpacie is still a blank spot regarding this topic. “Our previous activities show that this is a common problem in our voivodeship,” they say. And they plan to change it!

Access to hygiene measures for every menstruating person

Using the funds from the mini-grant, the group will place 25 pink boxes with personal hygiene products in places where help is provided to persons in a crisis of homelessness and affected by social exclusion. Some of the boxes will go to places where school-age girls come. There will be boxes located in institutions that have declared such an intention and will take care of restocking hygiene products – already at the stage of writing the application for a mini-grant, 7 institutions from Podkarpacie agreed to participate in the project

Collage 3 zdjęć, na każdy osoba utożsamiająca się z grupą Dzikie Dobro.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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