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They are women and girls living in the village of Sołki. They began to organize themselves as mothers of primary school children, and then founded the Village Housewives’ Association. They noticed chauvinism and homophobia, a distortion of the meaning of words such as feminism, or gender, but sometimes they simply lacked the skills and knowledge to react. The association was supposed to be an excuse to leave the house, to meet, but also to say aloud what they think and feel. “We want to ensure that the male-centered narrative is not the only one heard by children and adults around us”.

Działaczki dyskutują podczas spotkania grupy w mieszkaniu.

The association is their own space, where they feel comfortable. It is an opportunity to talk to other women about their problems, dreams, and reflections. It is also an opportunity to look at the economic dependence of women and their unpaid work at home and on the farm. Last, but not least, this is a place where they can talk about taboos – for example domestic violence. In order to extend this sense of agency beyond our circle, we need tools and methods – how to fight for the right to make dreams come true against stereotypes?

Działaczki prezentują bristol z osiągnięciami i planami grupy na zjeździe grantobiorczyń Funduszu Feministycznego w Osiecku.

Let’s start with communication

VHA Sołki will organize a series of training sessions on Non-Violent Communication and a trip to the performance of Teatr 21 entitled “How I stopped being perfect”. They are committed to improving the quality of communication at home and in families – also so that abuse and violence are not swept under the rug. They want to learn how to set boundaries, be assertive, and recognize various forms of violence. The group also wants to set up a small Feminist Laboratory in their village, which will be equipped with feminist literature and where it will be possible to meet and organize workshops.

Wspólne zdjęcie radosnych działaczek oglądających polane i las.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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