Summer of the Rebels

Zielona Góra

They are a group of women who share passion for democratic education and a concern for the future of girls and women in Poland. Gender stereotypes, stigmatization, poor access to reliable knowledge about sexuality and puberty, and lack of support have had an impact on their lives. Each of them has gone through a long process of seeking self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Działaczka przy tworzeniu prezentacji z osiągnięciami i planami grupy na zjeździe grantobiorczyń Funduszu Feministycznego w Osiecku.

The rebels want to act

They feel a huge disagreement with the actions of the authorities, which openly interfere with the sexuality of women and persons and attack their freedom and rights, which demonize sexual education, and – through the mouth of the Minister of Education – talk about the need to slim down girls, preserving gender stereotypes and prejudices. “The omnipresent obsession with beauty, a culture that creates the image of a woman primarily as a sexual object, emphasizes the appearance of women, and thus serves to objectify them, all have a frightening effect on the perception and health of adolescents”. This is why they support young girls in discovering their inner strength, self-esteem, building a positive body image, as well as providing knowledge on sexuality and puberty.

Uchwycony proces tworzenia prezentacji, wspólna praca twórcza, wycinanki z papieru.

Power Workshops for teenagers

Power Workshops for teenage girls, organised thanks to the mini-grant, will cover topics such as: body positivity, menstrual positivity, Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness. “We believe that our actions will contribute to building self-esteem, competence, and agency, and that they will show girls how much strength they can draw from their own femininity, and support them on the path to individual self-discovery” – declare the Rebels.

Trzy radosne działaczki grupy Lato Buntowniczek spacerują w lesie.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Photos: Summer of the Rebels
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