Summer Breakfast Club/ Letni Klub Śniadaniowy


Women’s DIY!

The group has a membership of more than ten persons formerly engaging in activating the residents of Kielce. Three girls are Do-it-Yourself aficionados who enjoy tinkering, creating, drilling, and cutting. And they share their passion with others. They have even organised their own physical space: a friendly workshop where they can pursue their DIY passion and meet others who share their interest.

Girls used their FemFund mini-grant to organise a Household Heroine weekend DIY class for women. Participants learned how to handle a drill and other tools, repaint their flat, handle the electrical installation, repair a leaking faucet, and make a simple piece of furniture. The workshop was delivered by women for women, in a friendly and supportive environment, free of judgemental or stereotyping comments.

Time to repair our bikes!

The grant will be used to fund another DIY class for women. A bicycle repair workshop for girls has been identified as a particularly necessary one: participants will learn more about bicycle design, and learn how to handle a dropped chain or a punctured tyre. They are also planning to publish a brochure: after the first DIY workshop, participants notified a need for such easily accessible knowledge in a nutshell. A class on repairing and renovating furniture and giving new life to antiques is in the pipeline as well.

The Summer Breakfast Club intends to make their own studio space available, to allow persons learning new skills to do so in a friendly and safe environment. “We want to open our studio up once a week to any person interested, help them take first DIY steps, and provide them with the safe and easy environment they require to get used to household tools and gain the required know-how”.

Grant amount: PLN 8,700.00

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