Summer Breakfast Club/ Letni Klub Śniadaniowy


Feminism on the side

The Summer Breakfast Club has been in operation in Kielce for over 3 years already. The Group comprises around a dozen people formerly engaged in activating local residents. Three are greater do-it-yourself aficionados, unafraid of getting their hands dirty, and enthusiastic about tinkering, creating, drilling, and fastening.

We believe women are the future of urban activism. We engage in activities supporting women in public and social life. We cooperate with social activists, engaging in actions supporting women’s movements, such as Black Protests and feminist marches in Kielce. (…) We infect other girls with our success large and small,” the Club says. To quote them, feminism comes as a “natural side effect”.

The household heroine

The girls organised weekend DIY workshops for women in Kielce – the Household Heroine, dividing the curriculum into five modules; 1) What is a drill? Tools worth owning and how to use them; 2) Paint your own wall. Preparing space for a coat of paint; quick and painless painting; 3) Take care with electricity. Soldering wires and hanging ceiling lamps; 4) Drip-drip. What is a gasket and where do we put it; 5) My leg fell off! Repairing chairs and making shelves.

We wanted to prove that all girls can become heroines in their own homes, and handle many unexpected technical glitches. It is frequently believed that small household repairs should be taken care of by men as sole possessors of mystifying knowledge and skills required to handle them. That is obviously not true – we are living proof. We intend to prove to all workshop attendants that glitches are not as black as they are painted, and that satisfaction brought by work and independence when repairing a dripping faucet can be truly amazing!”, the Club declares. All workshops were delivered by girls for girls, in a friendly environment, without judging or stereotypes – with extraordinary support instead.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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