We want to meet more often than twice annually

The informal Sułkowiczanki group has a membership of ten representatives of the Association of Rural Women in Sułkowice (Wielkopolska voivodship), their intent to improve the integration of women from local villages distanced from closest towns and unconnected by any local bus route apart from school buses. Sułkowiczanki want to meet more often and begin doing something together. Their application to the Feminist Fund is their first such initiative. As declared in their mini-grant application form, they just “wanted to prove themselves”.

Meeting a gynaecologist over coffee

Sułkowiczanki used mini-grant money to organise two “informal meetings with a gynaecologist over coffee and Danish”. The purpose was to improve the “health awareness” of Sułkowice residents. Ladies who attended the meeting had the opportunity to talk to a female gynaecologist privately. The meeting was completely informal, and held at the local village community centre. Fund money was used i.a. to purchase coffee and tea thermos jugs.

Grant amount: 2550.00 PLN

Photos by: Sułkowiczanki     tel. 736 060 436

ul. Wspólna 61/102, 00-687 Warszawa

KRS: 0000714824      NIP: 5272834934


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