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Puszcza Karpacka

She-wolves is an intersectional, grassroots collective working to protect the Carpathian Forest. “We believe that we can function as we would like the world to function: without hierarchy, human domination over other beings, patriarchy, queerphobia, and fascism. With radical empathy and care”, they declare. The Carpathian Forest and other old natural forests are home to countless species. The collective’s activity is an expression of disagreement with the devastation of nature and the exploitation of valuable forests which play a key role in climate protection. One of such old, natural forests id the Carpathian Forest, which is a home to countless species that, unfortunately, cannot defend themselves.

Detal okupacji, drewniana platforma, ze ścianami i plandeką, z okna wychyla się działaczka w masce wilczycy.

In the name of interspecies justice

Since all other protest methods have failed, in view of the planned logging of about 30% of the trees in the Carpathian Forest, the collective decided to take direct action. In the beginning of the year 2021, She-wolves entered #nora_219a in order to block the access road for the saws and start a direct blockade of the logging. “We are fighting to defend the Forest and all the creatures that inhabit it (…). Shoulder to shoulder, paw to paw – this is our expression of concern”, say She-wolves. They became cohabitants of the forest to protect nature from greed and power lust of men – to become the voice of the forest community. “The degradation and exploitation of the natural environment is a manifestation of the patriarchal system that continues and develops through such anthropocentric and rapacious activities. We stand in solidarity with non-human beings, supporting their struggle for survival. (…) We believe that the world can function on the basis of equality, biocentrism, and radical empathy”, they declare.

Wycinek okupacji Karpat, między dwoma drzewami rozciągnięty jest baner „Zdejmij mundur przeproś las, bez lasu nie będzie nas”, platforma i panel słoneczny.

Skillsharing for the Forest

The forest needs courageous defense, and She-wolves need solidarity and support on the spot. Using the funds from the mini-grant, She-wolves organized a skillshare, i.e. 9 days of sharing knowledge and skills in the spirit of equality. Skillshare participants got to know the surrounding forests and their creatures, learned how to climb, gained knowledge and skills to create blockades and protest camps in natural areas, educated each other in the field of activism, nature protection, direct actions, queer, feminism, selfcare, anti-discrimination activities, DIY, and others. All this to be able to actively participate in blockades in the Carpathian Forest and other forests.

Na tle lasu o cechach naturalnych rozciąga się baner „stare lasy chronią nas, chrońmy stare lasy”.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00 PLN

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