Rainbow Tarnów / Tęczowy Tarnów


Where there is oppression, there is resistance

This activism was born from defiance. Three activists from Tarnów who have worked for women’s rights are now battling discrimination against LGBTQ persons as “Rainbow Tarnów”. The reason to form the group were the violent attacks on Białystok Equality March – as a response, a solidarity rally was organized in Tarnów. A question arose – what now? The girls decided to start meeting regularly and organize events around the theme of nonheteronormativity. They want to change the citizens’ attitudes towards LGBTQ persons, because, as they say, they refuse to let their friends, acquaintances and other people feel threatened in their own home. They also care about reproductive health and sex education. They have already organized two meetings! The group organized a screening of a film about a transgender activist “Death and life of Marsha P. Johnson” and a meeting on parents’ relationship with LGBTQ  children.

Trzy uśmiechnięte kobiety trzymają hasło „Życzymy sobie siostrzeństwa”, w tle starówka

Breaking the taboo

The minigrant will be used to organize two more meetings. It already has settled topics and guests: activists from the Abortion Dream Team will come to talk about abortion and the right to decide about one’s own body. Then the group intend to raise the topic of violence – both that occurring in close relationships, as well as systemic and in public space. It is important for them to state how these topics affect the LGBT+ community – as they notice it is a local taboo.

“We are aware of the dangers and difficulties we might face, but we know the importance of such actions in our region. Support networks are already being established that are growing every day – this gives us strength”, says Rainbow Tarnów and adds: “If, when all this is over, at least one person comes up to us and says they needed it, it means it was worth it”.

Grant amount: PLN 3, 300

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