Public Library Women’s Club

Hańsk Pierwszy

Inter-generation meetings of rural women

The Women’s Club from Hańsk is an inter-generation group including over ten persons who have been meeting regularly once a month for the past two years. “Our youngest member is twenty-five, the eldest one is eighty.” The rural women first met during activities organised by the Public Library in Hańsk. “We wanted to go on meeting to spend time together, safeguard the positive energy we generated, and do something good for others. We want women from rural areas to get out there, meet other women active in assorted feminist organisations, and be able to influence local life.”

Talking about Poland and the situation of women

“Our meetings began with learning more about one another, and opening up to each other. These were actually social meetings. Today, two years later, we feel we want more.” Thanks to Feminist Fund support, the Women’s Club from Hańsk will organise a series of meetings with leaders of women’s organisations from the Lublin voivodship. “We are not closing our doors to anyone. We want to include other women from our municipality: village governors, singing ensemble members, teachers. We will spread the word among neighbours and friends. We want to talk about the situation of women in rural areas and about what is currently happening in our country.”

Grant amount: 2000.00 PLN

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