Nowy Sącz

“Prze-Sącz was created as a counter-narrative, an attempt to filter events through values and views other than the ones dominant in our city.”

Prze-Sącz is an amateur editorial team whose current composition emerged after the Black Protests. Activists from Nowy Sącz, inspired by the emerging activist movement in the city they had previously considered passive, created a socio-political blog. They want to create a social narrative that is different from the mainstream one – to “percolate” events though values and views other than catholic and nationalistic. Basia, Anka, Zuza and Aga want more women to engage in public issues, because the present movements are clearly dominated by men, and persons who start being active quickly get discouraged or leave. A new, local feminist movement needs some support: “In this region, apart from the common upbringing of girls to be polite and shy, there is also a cultural conviction that activism is in fact rowdiness”, observe the women.

Kolaż zdjęć trzech osób i jednego rysunku konia, w centrum logo bloga Przesącz

Intergenerational school of activism

The group will use the minigrant funds to invite women from Nowy Sącz and the area to participate in a cycle of activist workshops. The participants will include women of different generations; both young and old. They will learn to organize manifestations, access public information or gather signatures for a petition. It is also important to empower the activists though antidiscrimination, psychological, media, and public speaking classes. The group will meet politicians and activists from Lesser Poland and go for a trip to the Parliament or a session of the City Council. Finally, a brochure with information on subjects vital to women’s activism  (e.g. violence, unwanted pregnancy, psychological crisis) will be created. It will also contain contacts to local organizations with which the women can cooperate or receive support.

What is the purpose of all that? The group emphasize that they are not going to oblige the participants to do anything, but they hope that at least some of them will decide to carry out an activity together. They also think that the minigrant might help add new activists to their editorial team. And if only one person feels stronger thanks to the project – it will mean it was worth it!

Grant amount: PLN 4,400

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