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New feminist link in świętokrzyskie voivodeship

The six women of PassionSharers Foundation were united by their restless spirits and a need for change. Wiola, Gośka, Natalia, Sylwia, Monika and Patrycja had worked in different organizations, but they decided to take matters into their own hands and work with women and for women. “We want to empower women, network them, create alternative ways of spending time together and a friendly space where they can develop. We are a new link of the feminist movement in Świętokrzyskie”. PassionSharing support women so that they can do MORE – more than what is forced upon them by the stereotypical roles of mother, daughter, wife or employee.

Cztery uśmiechnięte kobiety w szopie, w tle ekran projektora na jasnej ścianie z cegły i leżaki


Cinema in a village barn

The group notice a common need among local women to be together, but they need a pretext to meet. It is not easy in a village environment – the closest town is 20 km away, many women have no cars nor driver’s licenses. As a result, going to a cinema together becomes a logistic challenge that takes several hours.

Thus, an idea for Women’s Village Cinema, located in a… moody barn, was born. The girls rearranged it themselves, creating a cinema with deck-chairs and a sheet for a screen. They have the equipment, but they lack a license to legally screen movies during their meetings.


Dwie osoby siedzą na trawie naprzeciwko drewniano-murowanego budynku z niebieskim napisem „Pasjodzielnia”

The minigrant from the Feminist Fund will be used by PassionSharing to finance an umbrella license and organize movie evenings with discussions and refreshments. The group want those events to be an introduction to a conversation about the women’s situation in Poland and in the world, and a way the tighten relationships in the community. They might also organize yoga classes for women, held by one of the members of the group, Monika. “Our idea is not just about getting women out of their houses a couple of times – it is an a foothold to experience films and spend time with each another, they emphasize.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400

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