NOMADA Association/ Stowarzyszenie NOMADA


Counselling, advocacy, education

The Association has been in operation for the past 10 years, supporting excluded groups, immigrant communities, and ethnic and religious communities. Most activities are associated with the Wrocław-based Roma community. Persons representing the NOMADA Association provide free-of-charge counselling in such fields as responding to bias-based violence, assistance in obtaining documentation to confirm legal stay, family matters, and labour law. Furthermore, clients of the organisation are provided with assistance in contacting authorities, schools, hospitals, courts of law, and the police force.

Today, NOMADA works primarily with women and children from the Roma community. A Roma education assistant runs supplementary classes for children, facilitates in teacher-parent relations, and helps women access healthcare services.

Roma education assistant

A mini-grant provided by the Fund allowed NOMADA to finance a five-month paid internship for a woman representing the community of Roma migrants from Romania. Mindra (the intern) is a leader in her community. She has been supporting people free of charge until now, providing assistance to persons contacting the authorities, healthcare services, and schools. The internship became an opportunity for her to improve competencies in the area of school assistance services, a field of particular importance, given the schools’ overall poor experience with working with children from diverse cultures.

We want to improve this woman’s chances to enter the job market by providing her with an opportunity to attend a paid internship. (…) We wish to provide her with our knowledge and experience in the field of educational and community assistance services, then recommend her to schools teaching children from the Roma community and support her at the early stage of co-operating with schools,” NOMADA declares. “This is a pilot activity: to date, non-Roma community representatives had been working as assistants to Roma families.”

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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