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A migrant-friendly Wrocław

For more than ten years, the Association has been supporting migrants and ethnic and religious minorities in Wrocław, most activities targeting the Roma community of Wrocław. Nomada provides free-of-charge counselling, specialising in the prevention of and reacting to bias-based violence. The organisation’s clients are provided with assistance in contact with official bodies, schools, hospitals, courts of law, and the police. Today, Nomada works mainly with women and children from the Roma community.

Nomada used the FemFund mini-grant to finance a five-month paid internship for Mindra, a woman representing the Roma community of migrants from Romania. Mindra is a leader in her community. She works as an assistant, providing support in contacts with official bodies, health services and schools. Thanks to mini-grant money, she could be remunerated for her work and improve her competencies as an assistant.

Roma assistant on Nomada staff

Thanks to the mini-grant, our team now includes a Roma family assistant from the community itself. The idea and its delivery proved a true hit. Making Mindra part of the team gave her a sense of being an expert, her salary becoming a major part of her household budget. It is important that a representative of the community speaks for it and in its name; the community’s true leader rather than us non-Roma people”, the Association has declared. Within the framework of regular co-operation, grant money will yet again be allocated to Mindra’s salary. Her responsibilities will also include coaching other women from the community to become assistants. Mindra will also receive computer-assisted task support (drafting official applications, e-mail correspondence, writing official letters and texts, etc.).

osoby prowadzace ze sobą rozmowę na łące

Grant amount: PLN 8,800.00

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