Nice Stories Foundation / Fundacja Ładne Historie


Nice Stories Foundation operates in Świdnica and Wrocław. They deal with socio-cultural animation and, as they emphasize, focus on many years of work with communities. “What we do are not projects, but stories. Children who grow up with us during creative activities in Świdnica’s backyards. Inhabitants of the Plac Grunwaldzki neighborhood in Wrocław, whom we invited to discover it AGAIN, by opening a local animation center there. Persons with disabilities and their families who regularly go hiking with us”, say members of the Foundation’s team. They also organize workshops for girls on mindfulness, self-defense, expressing emotions, and other needs reported to them by teenagers.

Radosna grupa pozuje do zdjęcie na tle gór.

The Foundation organizes mountain trips for persons with disabilities and their families. It was on the mountain trails that the idea for long-term action to support mothers of dependent persons was born. The trip will be a space for getting to know each other and relaxing, where women who take care of children with disabilities on a daily basis will be able to find time for their needs. “This is an important step for us to create a regular support, dedicated to the mothers. For the women we met on the mountain trail, who climb much higher mountains every day.”

Działaczki przy tworzeniu prezentacji z osiągnięciami i planami grupy.

“Here, together, we will give our dreams agency”

The Foundation hopes that the trip, filled with workshops, talks, but also walks, lazing around, and unhurried meals, will be the beginning of cooperation. “This is where it all starts. Here we will find time for awareness, listening, and understanding. Here, together, we will empower our dreams – by creating concrete proposals for the women’s program, which our foundation will begin to implement in its regular activities.”

Działaczki prezentują bristol z osiągnięciami i planami grupy na zjeździe grantobiorczyń Funduszu Feministycznego w Osiecku.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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