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Enough of menstrual poverty

MenstrUlka is formed by four women across the age spectrum. They are mothers, activists and volunteers, who are worried about menstrual poverty in their city and in Poland. The problem lies not only in the lack of access to hygienic products for persons in a difficult economic and social situation. It is also in the lack of knowledge about menstruation, the shame and the taboo regarding periods. “We know that girls and women from child care homes, children from community centers and municipal social welfare centers are struggling with the problem of menstrual poverty. We have met such persons and decided to act”, says MenstrUlka.


Kolaż zdjęć czterech kobiet patrzących w obiektyw, każda trzyma kartkę z rysunkiem dziewczyny z różowym kucykiem i podpisami „hejo” „cześć” i „menstrulka”. Na obrazku różowo-czerwone wzory i plamy.

MenstrUlka believes that the access to basic personal hygiene products during menstruation in public spaces is a necessity. They act within a broader action, called “Różowa skrzyneczka” (Pink Box): they have placed 5 boxes with hygienic products for those who need them, 4 in Social Welfare Centers and one in the office of Center of Women’s Rights Foundation in Wrocław.

Periods without taboo – workshops about menstruation

Thanks to the minigrant form the Feminist Fund, MenstrUlka will carry out 5 menstruation workshops for the wards from child care homes, community centers and the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Wrocław. “During the workshops, we want to openly talk about menstruation, listen, answer questions. We want to help”, says MenstrUlka. The participants of the workshops will receive menstruation cups with manuals (or other hygiene products). The group will talk about them, emphasizing the economic and ecologic advantages of the cup, but also mentioning that everyone is different and a cup is not a perfect solution for everyone.

In addition to meeting the basic need for access to menstrual products and information about their bodies, MenstrUlka will try to open young women up to conversations about periods and the shared experiences of menstruating menstruation.

Grant amount: PLN 4,380

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