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About ourselves in our own voices

MamyGłos is an organisation founded by teenage girls for teenage girls. “The purpose of the group is to develop a sense of strength, self-confidence, and unassailable self-esteem in young girls. MamyGłos comprises over 40 activists from across Poland.” Originally, the group operated in Poznań only – yet MamyGłos Local Clubs have been established and operated by teenagers in different cities for some time now. The Zielona Góra Club was founded in September 2017 on initiative of secondary school pupil Kamila Pietrażycka, and has a membership of three teenage activists. All group decisions are made jointly, in spirit of sisterhood, consensus, and community. “We follow rules of non-hierarchy, inclusivity and empowerment. Each and every one of us has the right to launch any project she wants, and prove herself in any chosen role. We all support one another in unquestioned faith and knowledge that we are competent, age and gender notwithstanding.”

grupowe selfi członkiń Mamy Głos


I am okay just as I am

Mini-grant funds will be used to organise an “I Am” workshop – a series of meetings with a psychologist to help girls identify, name, and handle the emotions, conditions, and situations they encounter. “We want to use these workshops to prove to our teens that each and every one of them is a unique person just as she is. We want to offer them an opportunity to find their own identity, and help them discover self-confidence.” Meeting themes will include self-assessment, self-acceptance, emotion management, assertiveness, purpose in life, agency, and self-accountability. The series of workshops will be attended by twelve teenagers from Zielona Góra.


grupowe selfi członkiń Mamy Głos

Grant amount: 1510.00 PLN

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