Mallow Women’s Association/ Stowarzyszenie Kobiet “Malwa”

Złotniki Kujawskie

Supporting equality at the kindergarten

The group comprises women from the village of Złotniki Kujawskie, aged 18 to 80 and activating their own community, primarily working to support the local kindergarten.

What is their mission? They make sure that boys and girls are treated equally at the kindergarten, distributing equality-fostering materials to children, delivering diversity-themed workshops, activating mothers, and teaching local institutions about domestic violence mechanisms.

kobiety stoją w rzędach i podnoszą rękę i palcem wskazującym ku górze

Programming and an equality-fostering lending library

They used their mini-grant in two different areas. Firstly, they decided to support the integration and empowering of members and friends of the Association; secondly – they propped up the forming and shaping of equality-oriented attitudes in kindergarten children, and empowering girls.

Shortly after the mini-grant had been allocated, they organised the first One Billion Rising action in Złotniki Kujawskie – a street dance against violence targeting women, and a joint field trip to a screening of the film Strongwomen. They purchased a programming-teaching robot for the kindergarten, and delivered a programming basics class for the children. They also expanded the kindergarten library to include equality-fostering books, and used them to deliver a Women’s Day workshop with a focus on overcoming gender-related stereotypes and proving that “girls can do anything”.

dzieci na dwyanie bawią się robotem

In our daily work with kindergarten kids we see all these stereotypes festering already. We want to show girls that there are other paths to self-fulfilment besides being a princess, and point out to boys that they don’t have to play guns all the time, that being sensitive and taking care of others is cool as well,” project authors declare.


Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00  |  tel. 531 715 904  |  Wspólna 61/102, 00-687 Warszawa
NIP: 5272834934  |  KRS: 0000714824

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