Kopacze-Diggers Collective


Kopacze-Diggers are a “queer project” based in a village in the Ciechanów region, the project blending in residence/ dwelling in Kopacze with social and ecological activism. The Diggers believe it is important for feminism to be perceived broadly rather than narrowing it down to activism, or to the experience of cissexual women only. Principal Digger values include non-hierarchy, respect (mutual between persons, but also towards nature and animals), and ecology (principles of equilibrium and co-existence with nature rather than exploiting it).

Kopacze is also a space for new and hierarchy-free lifestyle, currently created by 6 persons (co-housing), as well as a place for leisure and development for others. The ultimate objective is to create a place allowing reception of assorted groups, organisation of workshops, courses and meetings, and reception of activists in need of rest, seclusion, and close contact with nature.

Last year, the Collective organised a feminist-and-queer summer camp for activists, Fund money used to purchase utensils and appliances for a field kitchen, and erect two compost lavatories. Regular Fund support will continue aiding the Diggers’ infrastructure, intended to include a permaculture-based garden and a greenhouse. The grant will be used to fit one of the buildings with attic windows, thermo-insulate the attic, renovate the floor, and relocate the fence. The money will also be used to partly cover the cost of purchasing a car, indispensable to live and work in the countryside.

Grant amount: PLN 8,800


kontakt@femfund.pl  |  tel. 531 715 904  |  Wspólna 61/102, 00-687 Warszawa
NIP: 5272834934  |  KRS: 0000714824

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