Recreation and education centre

The Kopacze-Diggers Collective is a group of nine persons (women, queer and non-binary persons) interested in developing alternative realities to capitalism. The purpose is to create a community based on such values as equality, love, and respect. Diggers are working to develop a centre for activists in the village of Młock-Kopacze (Mazovian voivodship) as a leisure time venue also used to organise stationary workshops and training courses.

Summer Queer and Feminist Camp

A week-long Queer and Feminist Camp for approximately 50 persons will be organised in Kopacze in July 2018. The camp will offer space for workshops, debates, and experience exchange involving feminism and queer topics. This will be an international camp, with time for joy, empowerment, and networking of persons engaging in assorted women’s liberation movements.

Diggers will use the mini-grant to purchase construction wood, bolts, angles, roofing components, pots and pans, and other kitchen utensils (knives, chopping boards, etc.). All materials will be applied to develop camp infrastructure, i.a. compost toilets.

Grant amount: 4350.00 PLN

Photos by: Agata Kubis/ .kolektyw

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