Wandering Women


Multi-cultural mutual assistance

The Wandering Women group was formed in 2014 with intent to create a community of migrants, refugees, and their Polish colleagues. “We have been living in Poland for a number of years, having learned much about the needs and problems of female migrants from the TriCity and smaller neighbouring towns, and of female refugee centre residents. We know they miss meeting other women, their contacts with Polish women are rare and often only formal – e.g. at work.” Migrants and refugees need support, information, and advice. “We realise they are frequently exposed to assorted forms of discrimination, mobbing at work, and sexual abuse in public spaces, such as universities, shops, or means of public transport.”

kobiety i dziecko rozmawiają przy stole

Setting Boundaries training course

Wandering Women will use the mini-grant to organise a series of multi-cultural workshops for women on the basis of the “Draw the Line” programme, preventing sexual abuse it core purpose. Participants will acquire skills in protecting their own physical and psychological boundaries.

portret dwóch uśmiechniętych kobiet, jena ma chustę na głowie


“Their sense of integrity and inviolability will be bolstered. The presence of women from different countries will foster comprehension of the universality of male domination and violence, as well as the diversity of cultural symptoms. Polish women’s attendance will offer an opportunity to build bridges between migrant and Polish communities. The joint workshop experience will become a source of psychological support, prospect to learn from each other, and emotional venting in safe conditions.”

kobieta w chuście podpiera się i słucha wypowiedzi


Grant amount: 4400.00 PLN

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