Informal Sex Workers’ Group / Nieformalna Grupa Pracownic Seksualnych

Poznań, Warsaw

Sex work is work

The group comprises several persons employed in the sex service industry – in erotic massage salons, over webcams, and/or at escort agencies. They have joined forces to network sex workers and share know-how. The group intends to improve working conditions in the industry, i.a. by making sure that the voice of sex workers becomes more audible. As admitted by the Group, persons working in the industry are particularly exposed to threats of physical, mental, and sexual violence, as well as other forms of abuse , which is why Group members wish to support and empower other persons engaging in sex work and anyone potentially interested in the industry in the future.

The Group used the mini-grant to organise several networking meetings for current and/or past sex industry workers, and designed the Experiencer (Doświadczalnik) – a brochure containing basic information on health and hygiene, client handling, the actual situation on the sex services market, and sex workers’ rights.
We want to continue what we started!

The Group intends to continue collecting know-how from sex workers and share it amongst themselves and with others. In the immediate future, the Experiencer is to be expanded to include interviews with persons active in other sex work professions, and information on cybersafety. Other plans include the launch of a website featuring all collected information.

The Group will use the grant to print more copies of and promote the Experiencer, and to organise a Sex Work Fest as a physical networking space for sex workers, experience sharing, and workshops delivery.

Grant amount: PLN 8,800.00

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