Informal Sex Worker Group/ Nieformalna Grupa Pracownic Seksualnych


 Supporting the rights of sex workers

They are persons professionally active in the sexual services sector: erotic massage parlours, webcam sexual services, escort agencies. The group comprises four persons; their concept responds to the needs of persons providing sexual services, and persons potentially interested in becoming sex workers in the future.

Many sexual service sector areas operate in the so-called grey zone, consequently preventing sex workers from legally applying for employee rights,” Group members declare. “We suffer of a universal lack of access to employment know-how, to any kind of set of user-friendly information on employment standards prevalent in Poland in individual sexual service sectors – such as guidelines to choosing the form and place of work, safe and comfortable as well as reflecting personal preference; handling potential situations at work; performing sexual services safely; and sex worker rights”, they also declare.

Tester/ Doświadczalnik

They used the mini-grant to organise networking meetings for current and past sex workers, allowing exchange of information and experience, and joint consideration of knowledge potentially useful to other persons employed in the sexual services sector.

All related knowledge will be presented in a handbook containing basic information on i.a. health and hygiene, handling clients, actual conditions on the sexual services market, and rights of persons employed in the sexual services sector. Handbook publication was based on in-depth individual interviews with persons employed in assorted sexual service fields.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Photos: Agata Kubis/ .kolektyw  tel. 736 060 436

KRS: 0000714824      NIP: 5272834934


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