Gals Węgorzewo / Dziewuchy Węgorzewo


Gals Węgorzewo is an informal group operating since 2016, which was founded as a consequence of the black protests organized throughout Poland. The core of the group are four women with different life experiences. In addition to protests, they also organize educational and integration activities. Although the situation of women in Poland has not improved in the few years since the group was founded, they are determined to continue acting. “We don’t let go, this is our grassroots work”, they say.

Pikieta pod nazwą „Wieszak dla biskupa”, osoby stoją w rzędzie, jedna przemawia przez megafon. W tle samochód z banerami. Pod Kurią w Ełku.

“We know from our own experience what burdens are associated with activities for women’s rights”

Gals Węgorzewo know from their own experience what it is like to do feminist activity in a closed environment. “We recognize that many small-town activists face harassment and exclusion”, they say. That is why they want to get to know other activists, share experiences with them. “By acting together, by supporting each other, we can prevent burnout and exhaustion”.

Using the funds from the mini-grant, Gals will organize a networking meeting for activists from the region in Wesołów, at a Masurian yoga school. They want to talk about the current situation of women in Warmia and Mazury, about the methods and strategies of action. “In order to be effective, we need to get to know each other and support each other not only in emergency situations”, they say. They are also planning a meeting with the local, dynamically operating Village Housewives Association and practicing yoga together, in order to make room for regeneration and joint rest in the activist space.

Na przodzie rower z tęczową flagę i banerem „solidarni z Białymstokiem”, w tle pikieta, gdzie osoba z koszulą strajku kobiet mówi przez megafon.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Photos: Gals Węgorzewo  |  tel. 531 715 904  |  Wspólna 61/102, 00-687 Warszawa
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