Frame for Equality / Kadr na Równość


From a support group to a movie team

The group consists of Jasza, Piotrek, Sonia, Tomek and Zuza – who are bisexual, nonbinary, pansexual, and transgender, and whose common goal is to influence the public awareness of gender identity and sexual orientation. They act locally, organizing workshops, participating in Living Library meetings. They met through a support group for transgender persons, and it all began with Tomek, who is a member of the YouTube channel Transbros. It was his idea to take a step further and create a series of short films about transgender issues.


Rysunek aparatu fotograficznego oraz pięciu osób i podpis „Kadr na Równość” w kolorach tęczy


“When we were looking up information about ourselves online – there was hardly any. We want to fill this gap”

They want transgender and non-heteronormative persons to feel better in their own skins. As they say, they had to find information about themselves on their own and it was quite a challenge. Even now, there aren’t many active channels that center transgender persons’ experiences, and there is no channel with feature films. “We want those who are lost, looking for support, to find our videos”, they say.

Using the minigrant, the group will prepare a series of short, fictionalized films (three films in 2020): they will purchase equipment, pay for licenses and promotion. The group has already made the first one, which focuses on coming-out, but are hoping to improve the quality of the materials thanks to the minigrant funding. The videos, available online, are to tell stories of transgender persons and show different aspects of their lives in a way that people outside the trans community can understand. “We want transpersons to be able to share those videos with people they are turning to for support”, stresses the group.

Grant amount: PLN 4,300

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