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Combating sexual violence through education

Face the Sex are eight high school girls living in Białystok. They are socially engaged, some of them are climate activists. One morning after a party, while having tea, they started talking about how many times their boundaries had been crossed. “Knowing that each one of us had experienced some form of sexual harassment was terrifying and somehow calming at the same time. We were not alone in all this. At that moment one of us said that we had to do something about it, even on a micro scale. We decided to fight sexual violence though education”, say the girls. This is how Face the Sex was born.

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“School curricula and pop culture give us no knowledge about good and safe sex”

The girls see a need for sex education among their peers. There are no such initiatives in the city, and sex is a taboo subject. They want young people to know about safe sex, informed consent, slutshaming and sexual harassment. “The school curriculum does not provide it, the mainstream pop culture distorts the image of sex. We wanted to start a public discussion about the need for sex education in our town. We know the taboo has to be ended”, they say.

Two-day sex education festival in Białystok

Using funds from the minigrant, Face the Sex will organize a two-day event on sex education with lectures, discussions, workshops and film screenings. The girls target their action mostly to high school students, but everyone interested (aged above 15) is invited.

“We are learning all the time. At some point we will surely botch something – we are ready for possible setbacks. We also know there may be crisis situations”, say the girls. “We try to support each other in all activities and difficulties are no exception”, they add.

Grant amount: PLN 3,630

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