Diverse Initiatives Manufacture/ Manufaktura Inicjatyw Różnorodnych


We believe in sisterhood and helping each other”

While the Diverse Initiatives Manufacture Association has been in operation since 2016, its members were active before in an informal group. Today, the Manufacture has a membership of eight activists. “We enjoy talking and spending time together. We like and respect nature, animals, and art. We are making a conscious effort to blend feminist postulates with artistic activities,” is how they describe themselves.

They engage in preventing gender-based violence, anti-discrimination education, and herstorical activities. They promote WenDo self-defence and assertiveness workshops for women; they create equality-fostering murals with a female focus; they organise the Women’s Circles festival; they publish a feminist calendar; and organise joinery workshops for women. “We have never stopped believing that our actions may make a change; every girl and woman believing herself to be a feminist thanks to our efforts is a source of enormous satisfaction and joy,” they declare.

Sense of agency

Manufacture members have organised assorted classes for female inmates of the remand prison in Opole, joining forces with them to design a concept of the first feminist mini-grant: a WenDo self-defence and assertiveness workshop, and theatrical performance. This time round, they repeated the WenDo workshop for another group of inmates, and invited them to paint a mural in the exercise area of the Opole remand prison.

We know that group communication after the WenDo workshop improved greatly; the girls have developed a much greater sense of community and sisterhood. The mural had been a topic discussed for over a year. Working on the mural gave the girls a sense of agency; we believe that time spent in the exercise area will become more pleasant – for mural authors as well as for other inmates,” Manufacture members declared.


Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

kontakt@femfund.pl  tel. 736 060 436

KRS: 0000714824      NIP: 5272834934


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