Dinners in the Time of Plague / Obiady w Czasach Zarazy


Dinner in the Time of Plague is an initiative launched by four sociology students in April 2020, during the first lockdown. They began to act out of disagreement with social inequalities. “We do not conform with the fact that in the 21st century people are still starving”, say the group’s initiators. Their group on Facebook connects people who have lost their jobs and have no means of subsistence with other inhabitants of Krakow, who share food and other products in solidarity. Today, the Dinners’ team consists of approx. 40 people, thanks to whom several dozen people have survived the difficult time of the pandemic and found a job. Some of them are now engaged in helping others.

Collage 5 zdjęć, na każdy osoba utożsamiająca się z grupą Obiady w czasach zarazy.

“We operate in opposition to the state system that humiliates weaker individuals”

From the very beginning, Dinners in the Time of Plague have been based on radical trust. People who apply for help do not have to present documents or prove anything – their declaration that they have lost their jobs due to the pandemic is enough. “We believe that if someone asks for bread, they are hungry”, say the group members.

Dinners in the Time of Plague can see with their own eyes that the pandemic has been particularly harsh for persons who were in a difficult situation even before the lockdown. The largest group of persons using the help are women. Many of them lost their jobs because they had to stay at home during the lockdown to look after their loved ones. Women also experience transport exclusion, because they are less likely to have a driving license, which makes it difficult for them to commute to work or look for it.

Using the funds from the Dinners in the Time of Plague mini-grant, they will buy monthly tickets for approx. 50 people who need them to be able to find a way out of the crisis.

Działaczki prezentują bristol z osiągnięciami i planami grupy na zjeździe grantobiorczyń Funduszu Feministycznego w Osiecku.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

Photos: Dinners in the Time of Plague
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