Centre for Women’s Rights, Gdańsk


As part of its daily work, the Gdańsk Chapter of the Centre for Women’s Rights (Centrum Praw kobiet – CPK) provides free-of-charge and comprehensive assistance to women experiencing violence in the Pomeranian region. CPK staff offer legal and psychological aid, and are the first point of contact for any woman in need. They also assist women in contacting public institutions, such as courts of law, the police, or the prosecution service. To quote their exact words, “Our dream is to live in a world free of violence and discrimination, where everyone can be safe, free, and equal. We would like all violence or discrimination survivors to be provided with support.” – Women approaching the CPK are received seven days a week.

The Gdańsk CPK chapter will use Fund money to organise a permanent support group for female violence survivors. The group will empower women by “salvaging their physical as well as mental health”. Furthermore, CPK will deliver workshops for teenagers aged 15-19 with a focus on sexual consent and personal body boundaries. The workshop purpose will be to “trounce sexual violence-associated myths emerging in conversations with young people, which sanction violence while blaming the victim”.

Grant amount: PLN 8 800,00

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