Brave Girls from Wałbrzych / Grupa Odważnych Dziewczyn z Wałbrzycha


“They way girls are treated hurts us”

They go to high school, volunteer in Wałbrzych and meet after school, because the three of them like spending time together. They talk about what makes them happy and what angers them. “We fill kind of lost in today’s world. We know that our peers feel the same way, too. They often find themselves alone with their problems, they have no place to sit down and ask – not all parents and teachers can or want to talk about topics related to equality and women’s rights. It’s not “proper” to talk about many things. This hurts and we don’t agree to it”, say the Brave Girls.

Kolaż trzech zdjęć na tle ściany z białych cegieł – na każdym dziewczyna patrząca w obiektyw

Bringing a feminist spark to Wałbrzych

The girls want to react to things they don’t agree with – however, they need support. “We want to act, but sometimes we are afraid and we don’t feel we have anyone who would help us in a more difficult situation”, they say. They want to create such support for each other – to create a group of young girls who help each other in difficult situations. And they want to liven up Wałbrzych in the activist and feminist sense, because, as they notice, there hardly are any such activities in their city.

No Limits for Girls

Using the minigrant, Brave Girls will carry out a project called “No Limits for Girls”: together with 10 girls they will meet with feminist activists from Wrocław or Warsaw and organize an activist and integrating trip for a group of girls, during which they will learn more about women’s rights. They are planning to share this knowledge with their peers – they are going to organize workshops in schools and film screenings in cultural center that will promote the initiative.

Brave Girls believe that the participants will become ambassadors of the knowledge they will gain. They also admit that the project is just the tip of an iceberg of needs – but, at the same time, constant dripping wears the stone. “We are building a network of brave girls who will continue to create it and we hope that thanks to this we will create a community of brave persons who engage in important issues”.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400

Photo credit: Grupa Odważnych Dziewczyn z Wałbrzycha  |  tel. 531 715 904  |  Wspólna 61/102, 00-687 Warszawa
NIP: 5272834934  |  KRS: 0000714824

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