Blue Heart Association / Stowarzyszenie Niebieskie Serducho


The majority of the Heart are women: persons with autism and their mothers, on whose shoulders often lies the whole treatment process. “We are a bunch of harmonious, cool gals. When one is hurt, we react, we help” – they write. Every day they act as therapists, physiotherapists, lawyers, and drivers. They know how difficult it is to reconcile so many roles that life has brought them, so they create a friendly space for persons with autism and their relatives. “Our actions always start with a conversation, we meet, talk about our needs, decide together, and get to work”.

Grupa po skończonym treningu w sali gimnastycznej.

To empower, to move mountains, to say “no!”

We really want our daughters with autism to be fulfilled, conscious women. We know how women with disabilities are treated and we do not consent to it”. As mothers, they are also often seen as those who do not have the right to say “no” and have no right to look good or have their own views and needs, including sexual needs. They oppose this treatment, and therefore they act. They want themselves and their daughters to be aware of their bodies, they want to know how to deal with stress, how to defend themselves, how to set limits. “We know from our own experience that when women act together, they can move mountains and overcome obstacles”

Using the funds from the mini-grant, they want to organize a series of meetings for women with disabilities, including autism, and for mothers of persons with disabilities from Mogilno municipality, called “Strength is a Woman”.

Tańczące dwie uśmiechnięte kobiety.

Grant amount: PLN 4,400.00

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