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The Lublin Anka Collective consists of about twenty people with various activist experience. The collective was founded during the protests for women’s rights as an expression of rage and disagreement with the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal of October 2020. Since then, the group has organized several actions in Lublin for reproductive rights – protests, marches, blockades, posters, performances, and street actions. The collective still meets and develops – it wants to broaden the spectrum of the topics it undertakes to include ecological, anti-fascist, queer, and anti-repressive activities.

Lublin Academy of Girlhood

Using the mini-grant, the collective wants to organize meetings as part of the Academy of Girlhood. “Talking to many girls, we hear that there have never been classes in Lublin where you could talk about less comfortable topics, taboos and difficult things”, declare the members. The Academy is addressed to young women aged 14-30 from the Lublin region and will be focused on the subject of sexuality, body positivity, working with your inner child, recognizing your strengths, and working with them.

We need space and community!

Why the Academy of Girlhood? First of all, to give young women a space to get to know each other, talk well about themselves, empower themselves, and cultivate solidarity. “We want our city to have the strength of the female community and a place where they feel at ease”, declare persons from the collective.

Collage 6 zdjęć, na każdym osoba z kolektywu Anka.

Grant amount: PLN 1,300.00

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