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531 715 904
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Perpetual Help Group


Supporting trans+ persons from smaller towns in the process of transition

“We live because someone helped us once – and that’s why we understand how important mutual help is.”

About the group

The Perpetual Help Group is an anarcho-queer self-help collective. Its members take time off work and school to support queer persons – both each other and others who ask for support.
The collective’s activities include, among others, assistance in finding and paying for a visit to specialists friendly to transgender persons; purchase of accessories that help to deal with gender dysphoria in a safe way; queer support shifts around the holidays.
The foundations of the group’s activities are intersectionality, radical trust, and empathy. The group understands transition as a life-saving process.

“We want to help trans* persons start a transition (often expected for years) under the supervision of specialists who we know will not harm them”

Dwie osoby w różowych kominiarkach w pokoju


About the action

The group receives many requests for support from outside large urban centres, where access to specialist, transgender-friendly care can be (and indeed often is!) hindered.
As part of the MiniGrant, they will help organize a trip to a proven person specializing in transgender issues, pay for the visit, the travel costs, and accommodation in a hostel. They will support persons as much as they need to.

Grant amount: PLN 4 900
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