The Good Mother-in-Law Collective/ Kolektyw Dobra Teściowa


Acting locally to support the LGBT+ community

The collective is rooted in Iga and Kinga’s/Artur’s relationship. Mother-in-law Lidia became their friend and ally. The group swiftly began supporting other non-binary and non-heteronormative persons in their family relations: “We activate young people from the LGBT+ community and deliver a support they need, with a primary focus on parent-child relations. This was the chief reason behind forming the collective.” One collective member is a sexual educator, her curriculum comprising a considerable share of sexual orientation- and gender identity-related topics.

Online sexual education

Only a few schools, classes, or individual students have access to reliable sexual education. While curricula offers are occasionally available, they usually involve one-off, single-time activities. This is why the collective decided to begin broadcasting on a YouTube channel with a sexual education focus, young people its primary target. “We intend to use a language of inclusion in order not to shut sexual education off for heteronormativity, cissexuality, neurotypicality, physical ability, and/or other mainstream narrative forms” the collective declares.

Each film concentrates on a separate theme: “We want to bring change to the society – in terms of the capacity to use one’s own sexuality in a positive way (…). Access to free of charge sexual education is necessary and young people must have access to reliable information.” Watch a “Sexrepublic/ Sekspospolita” episode on lubricants now:

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